Guarantee Co-operative

Guarantee Multi-Purpose Co-operative Society (GMCS) LTD

GMCS Limited welcome and appreciate the opportunity to provide you with innovative financial services in the area of asset procurement, entrepreneurship development, cooperative/project financing, working capital financing, LPO financing, personal loans, investment management, research/training and other consultancy services.

At GMCS, we pride ourselves in the delivery of excellent customer services and our committed professionals are always available to provide you with tailor-made professional services to surpass your expectation in achieving your personal and cooperative financial services. Our financial strategy is to consider your investment horizon to your liquidity needs and your risk tolerant is also important to us in the creation of wealth for you.


  • We have seasoned professionals and consultants in all aspect of our financial services.
  • We offer flexible entry and exit.
  • We give/offer quarterly payment of principal and return/interest on contributions and stakeholders’ investment.
  • We offer free financial and investment advisory services to our members and stakeholders.
  • We are committed to maximizing our members’ and stakeholders’ investments.
  • We offer quick, efficient and personalized quality services.
  • We manage other cooperative investment accounts through our investment and Financial Advisory Service Department.
  • We are committed to the delivery of professional and excellent services.

Our products and services include:

  • Guarantee Fixed Income
  • Guarantee Build-up account
  • Guarantee Entrepreneur Scheme
  • Guarantee Professional Link
  • Gsavers Account
  • Gcorporate Investment Scheme
  • Gbusiness Account

Our services and benefit includes, but are not limited to the following:

  • Promote among members, the spirit of thrift and entrepreneurship development.
  • Members enjoy credit facility and loans at considerable rate.
  • Encourage regular contributions and savings (weekly/monthly) among members with attractive return/interest payment.
  • Business empowerment for growth.
  • Undertake and invest in new businesses that are beneficial to our members and stakeholders.
  • Provides overall economic benefits to members.
  • All members have Membership Card/G-Shopping card (similar to an ATM card) with which they can use to enjoy discount in selected supermarkets.
  • Loans and credit facility can be accessed easily.
  • The structure of our products and services are flexible to accommodate contributors and investors.
  • Loans and credit facility repayment terms are well structured and convenient for repayment.
  • Enable members to co-operate and share ideas in the areas of entrepreneurship development.
  • Simple and convenient means of build-up funds for future use easy entry and exit.
  • Availability of steady stream of income for our members.
  • SMS Alerts and updates on all transactions.
  • Annual entrepreneurship empowerment, seminar and training.
  • Expert monitoring and advisory services on project management and enterprise.
  • Members and stakeholders can access loans and credit facilities within 7 working days and cash can be made available to any bank in Nigeria.
  • Members and stakeholders capital enjoy preservation with appreciable return.
  • Reduced cost of business research and business plans as our Business Development and Financial Advisory Service Department handles it for you.
  • Reduced financial pressure on our members.

Target Membership

  • Low and Medium Income Earners
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Private and Public Sector employees
  • Entrepreneurs, Businessmen and Professionals in any field of endeavor.


  • Minimum opening contribution as membership.
  • Contribution could be weekly, monthly or any period chosen by member.
  • Guarantee Membership card/G-Card for Shopping for members.
  • No restriction on member of access to credit facility to members in a year.
  • No monthly account maintenance charge on member’s contribution.
  • Interest rate is very attractive and negotiable.
  • Immediate access to asset financing and asset procurement for members.
  • Allows for standing order instruction to make direct payment of contribution/investment to our account.

Our Resources:

  • GMCS Limited is peopled with seasoned and highly experiences professionals who take diligence in handling all your financial needs.
  • Innovative Financial Services and Consultancy Services-It is more than cooperative to us, it is a fresh approach.
  • Excellent customer care service and support for relationships beyond cooperative.
  • Competent workforce and management team.
  • Computer Aided processes and procedures for easy documentation.
  • Expert monitoring and advisory services on project management and enterprise development.

Additional Services:

  • Call: Guarantee Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited
  • Tel: 092915525, 08180262803, 08053770170
  • Tel: 092915525, 08180262803, 08053770170

For further enquiries:

  • Call: Guarantee Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited
  • Tel: 092915525, 08180262803, 08053770170
  • Tel: 092915525, 08180262803, 08053770170

Corporate Head Office:

  • Call: Guarantee Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited
  • Abuja Office: Shekinah Plaza, Plot 1, Samuel Ladoke Akintola Boulevard, Garki II, Abuja
  • Phone no: 07084126792